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Admission: The Social Ecosystem for Events in Los Angeles

People who live in LA know this city has a bigger problem than traffic.

It goes without saying that Los Angeles has a diverse population and an even more eclectic event scene. With over 5000 clubs and bars along with an unparalleled live music scene, it is clear that LA is the Mecca of modern nightlife.

Yet in the half hour Angelenos find between work and life, we still can’t figure out what to do with ourselves. There is so much going on around us that it becomes impossible to separate signals from the noise. In this age of information overload, it’s vital that we identify sources we can rely on.

That is why we have Yelp for food, Facebook for friends and Instagram to see what happened last night. But what about an app that answers the eternal question of ‘what’s going on tonight?

 Despite the advent of ticketing and event discovery tools like Meetup and Eventbrite, no dedicated application exists to provide a single platform for the universal experience of going out.

This is where Admission comes in.

Admission is the first community-driven event ecosystem that seamlessly connects people, organizers and venues in Los Angeles. It is the only social discovery app that moves beyond simple event discovery by providing members with the ability to discover, experience and enjoy events- all without ever leaving the platform. Admission empowers fellow Angelenos to create their own profiles, follow their favorite organizers and venues, purchase tickets and stay up-to-date with every LA event. It is the ultimate one-stop-shop for events: a single app to discover, experience and enjoy Los Angeles.

Those of you that attended our launch party last Saturday had the opportunity to learn a bit about the Admission vision. We are a tight-knit community of LA natives with a singular mission: To create a single platform for events in Los Angeles. We love the eclectic energy of this city and we want to help our friends, along with the Admission community as a whole, experience everything Los Angeles has to offer. From underground DIY functions to events at venues including The Moroccan Lounge and The Peppermint Club, Admission has built a community and reputation founded on throwing and promoting the best events Los Angeles has to offer.

That’s why the Admission app empowers community members to not only explore local social, music and art scenes, but also to create their own profile and follow their favorite organizers and venues in the LA area. With the help of our dedicated community, we are creating a resource that helps people feel comfortable in their own city. An app that looks out for your best interest, curated by the people you trust, without overwhelming ads or dubious algorithms that claim to know you better than yourself.

As of today, Admission has built and launched a curated events platform and is continuing to develop its tech stack, produce events, and grow its user base in Los Angeles. In the near future, we will launch additional features to ensure that our community never needs to leave the Admission app throughout the duration of an event. From discovery, to RSVP and purchasing, from paying for drinks to reliving the event through photos and posts the next day, Admission aims for the audacious goal of becoming Los Angeles’ only online and offline event community.

Download the app today to join our community and become a part of the first social ecosystem for events in Los Angeles.

Admission: Do More Than Just Discover

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